When considering holiday destinations in the UK, Peterborough is probably not on top of the list. But it should be. Situated in the county of Cambridgeshire in the east of England, this underrated city has a lot to offer. It might not be as well-known as its neighbour Cambridge, but it is definitely worth a visit. There are always things to do in Peterborough, so you will never get bored.

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There are Things to do in Peterborough for Everyone

What’s the most important thing a holiday destination must have? Enough to offer to entertain you your whole stay. Whether this is for a week-long stay or just a short break. The good news is that in Peterborough activities aren’t in short supply. This city’s offering is very varied, which means you can find fun things to do with your kids. Or if you are after a good time with your partner or friends, this gem of a city will make sure you’ll get it.

Nightlife, fine dining, culture, history and plenty of activities that your kids will love, this city has it all. And because it’s not yet on the radar of most tourists, it won’t be crowded. So let’s see what’s on in Peterborough.

Fun Things to do in Peterborough - Family-Friendly & Outdoor Activities

Keeping kids entertained during a city break can be a challenge sometimes. So you will be pleased to know that Peterborough has you covered. Visit Sacrewell Farm where your kids can see various animals, run wild in the fresh air and go on a tractor ride. The wildlife trail and scavenger hunt the farm offers will ensure your little ones won’t get bored all day.

If you and your family prefer more sporty activities, why not spend a day in Nene Park. Tire out your children with a bike ride on the cycle trails, some kayaking or windsurfing. And if you need a rest, just hop on the model railway and enjoy a relaxed ride through the park.

In case the weather doesn’t play ball, Peterborough is home to plenty of indoor activities, such as Puttstars. This indoor activity centre hosts a crazy golf course, amusements and arcades as well as food and drink.

Nene Park peterborough

Adult Experiences, Culinary Delights & Nightlife

Have you decided to leave the kids with their grandparents? Or maybe you are planning a trip with friends? Either way, Peterborough is your destination. Get a sense of history by visiting Flag Fen, a Bronze Age site that is 3,500 years old. Peterborough Cathedral will wow you with its beauty and rich history. And if you still don’t have enough, then the Peterborough Museum is awaiting you; it will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. As you can see there are lots of things to do in Peterborough.

In the evening, enjoy the culinary delights that this city has to offer. The Bell Inn doesn’t just deliver on atmosphere. This rustic pub, restaurant and hotel serves some of the best food in town. If you fancy something new, try Real Food Peterborough, a Polish restaurant that serves delicious homemade food.

And to finish your evening, have a drink in one of the many bars, such as Charters Bar, and enjoy real ales and live music. Is music your thing? Then the Met Lounge is a must. Known as Peterborough’s alternative music hub, it offers a variety of different music genres and even some big stars.

Museum Peterborough

Weekend Escapes and Getaways

Short on time? A weekend break in Peterborough is the thing for you. There is one attraction that can give you everything in one weekend. Burghley House is one of the things to do near Peterborough that you shouldn’t miss on a short break. It offers culture, history, fun and food, all in one.

Only a half an hour drive from Peterborough, it is close enough for a great afternoon out. And you still have time to enjoy Peterborough’s restaurants and bars at night. Perfect for a weekend getaway.


Planning Your Visit to Peterborough

Every good holiday starts with a plan. Booking accommodation and travel is of course the first thing you do. But you also want to plan the activities you want to do. If you can, book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. If there are places to visit near Peterborough that you have an eye on, make sure you have transport sorted. And once all the planning is done, you can look forward to an unforgettable time in Peterborough.

Explore the Charms of Peterborough

Now that you know what a gem of a city Peterborough is, start planning your trip! There are so many things to do in Peterborough that you are spoiled for choice. But that’s a good thing, because it means that you will have the time of your life in this beautiful city. Stay in one of our accommodations to enjoy your Peterborough experience to the fullest.