Where to find the best accommodation for contractors in Birmingham

Working as a contractor can give you the freedom to work where you want. This means you can choose the best location for your skills. Birmingham is a great location for contractors, because you can find a wide range of different offers in different sectors. As a city, it also has a lot to offer outside of work. Accommodation for contractors in Birmingham is also easy to find.

Birmingham - The second-largest city in the UK

After London, Birmingham is the biggest city in the UK. It’s located in the East Midlands and has a population of over a million people. A manufacturing powerhouse in the 18th century, it is still a hub for many industries.

Home to a university, museums, theaters, sports venues, the Bullring and so much more. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in Birmingham. It’s a culturally diverse city, which is reflected in the city’s food as well as the festivals and events that are run every year. Sometimes called the Venice of the UK because of its canal system that provides a peaceful and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There is no doubt that Birmingham is a great place. And it’s also the perfect location for contractors. A contractor is a self-employed person who provides their skills or services to companies for a fixed period of time. Contracts for this type of work can differ widely. Some are for a set number of hours, while others are for the duration of a project. Some might be for a specific time frame.

The main difference between a contractor and an employee is that the contractor does not work permanently for the same company, nor do they get a salary. Contractors are reliant on finding clients to work for. This also means they can work for several clients at once. Working as a contractor gives you the freedom to choose what work you do, who you work for and what hours you work.

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Birmingham - A paradise for contractors

Birmingham is a great city for contractors. As the hub of many industries, there is a wide range of sectors that employ contractors present in the city. Looking through job adverts will turn up a good number of work for building contractors in Birmingham. The building sector in the city is booming, thanks to vast infrastructure projects going on.

This means that work for electrical contractors in Birmingham is also booming. There is a lot of investment going into the city, which means there are many projects that need contractors. Fencing contractors in Birmingham are in demand for big or small jobs. Because it’s a big city with millions of buildings, roofing contractors in Birmingham are always busy.

So contractors can thrive in the UK’s second-largest city. And because there is such high demand for them, contractor accommodation in Birmingham is also readily available. But while it is important to know that there is good accommodation for contractors in Birmingham, other amenities are also important.

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Amenities in Birmingham

Being the second city in the UK after London, Birmingham has all the amenities that a contractor would need.


As one of the major cities in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has a variety of supermarkets. Big supermarkets of all the main brands are represented in the city, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl. But there are also smaller convenience stores that offer the basics.


Because contractors tend to stay in contractors accommodation in Birmingham, which might not have a washing machine, laundry facilities are important. The city has a wide range of laundry services on offer, including laundromats and dry cleaning.


Working away from home doesn’t have to mean missing out on your exercise. Birmingham has a wide range of different gyms that contractors can use to keep them in shape. Many are open 24/7 and also offer contract-free membership. So contractors can join for the duration of their contract without being locked in to a year-long contract.


Birmingham is a culturally diverse city, which means there is a big variety of different restaurants available. Pubs serving favourites can be found alongside well-known chain restaurants and find-dining places. Whether you fancy Indian, Chinese, Italian or Spanish, you will find it in Birmingham.

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Accommodation for contractors in Birmingham for high and low season employment

Contract work tends to have a high and low season, although it will depend on the type of work a contractor does. Traditionally, most contractors start to get busy in spring and all throughout summer. In autumn work tends to start to slow down and winter is generally the time with the least amount of work.

But no matter what season, if you work as a contractor you need a place to stay. The best accommodation for contractors in Birmingham is where you can feel at home from home. With all the facilities you need when you are on the job at a competitive price.