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Welcome to K Suites, where exceptional stays meet affordability. Specializing in budget-friendly, self-catering holiday apartments, we offer a unique blend of comfort and convenience across a variety of UK destinations. From the vibrant streets of Birmingham to the serene coastlines of Lowestoft, our handpicked locations cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a cultural exploration, or simply a peaceful retreat, K Suites is your gateway to enjoyable and accessible getaways. Dive into our world of cozy affordability and discover the perfect holiday spot tailored just for you.

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Urban Explorers - city break holidays in the UK

Discover the vibrant heart of the UK’s urban landscape with our selection of city break destinations. From the historical streets of Oxford to the lively atmosphere of Birmingham, our city locations offer an exciting blend of culture, history, and modern amenities. Perfect for those who love to delve into the hustle and bustle of city life, each destination promises an unforgettable experience.

Our City Break holiday destinations in the UK


Our self-catering holiday apartments are ideally situated, blending city vibrancy with suburban tranquility


Cozy Bradford retreats nestled in a cultural mosaic offer a serene city haven amid historic splendor


Our stylish Leeds apartments sit in the vibrant heart, perfect for an arts and shopping immersion.


Our Liverpool retreats offer an ideal base to explore this city's vibrant music scene, and football fervor

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Cozy Newcastle apartments: a blend of historical charm and modern culture in one serene retreat


Nestled in lush countryside, our accommodation is ideal for quiet getaways near the city's attractions


Our serviced apartments in Oxford are located just a short journey from the town's historic wonders

Countryside Charm - rural holidays in the UK

Embrace the tranquility of the English countryside with our affordable self-catering accommodations nestled in charming towns. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway, our selection offers the ideal blend of picturesque settings, local culture, and the freedom to explore at your leisure. Discover the timeless appeal and pastoral beauty of rural England, all while enjoying the cost-effective comforts of home.

Our Countryside holiday destinations in the UK


Regency elegance meets indulgent spa relaxation, wrapped in a cultural haven with racing heritage.


Ancient Gloucester: A tapestry of history, cathedrals, and revitalized docks for the modern explorer.


Chesterfield, a stone's throw from the Peaks, is famed for its crooked spire and gateway to the outdoors


A historic hub where riverside walks, shopping, and English heritage converge for a unique holiday


Slough offers a mix of urban convenience and access to the royal landscapes of Windsor

Coastal Getaways - holidays by the beach in the UK

Discover the soothing rhythms of the sea with our coastal properties. Perfect for those who adore the ocean breeze and sandy beaches, our destinations offer a delightful escape to the UK’s picturesque coastline. From the bustling piers of Southend-On-Sea to the tranquil shores of Lowestoft, each location promises a refreshing and memorable seaside experience.

Our coastal holiday destinations in the UK


Witness the UK’s earliest sunrise in Lowestoft, a haven of sandy beaches and maritime heritage


Southend-On-Sea, famous for its long pier, vibrant seafront, and numerous entertainment options


A tranquil coastal escape, with stunning views, charming gardens, and a relaxed seaside atmosphere

Historic Havens - cultural holidays in the UK

Embrace the rich tapestry of the UK’s past with stays in our historic havens. These destinations are steeped in history, offering a journey through time with their unique blend of past and present. From the artisan spirit of Bristol to the ancient Roman roots of Doncaster, each location provides a captivating backdrop for your exploration.

Our history & culture holiday destinations in the UK


Experience the vibrant fusion of Bristol, from its iconic suspension bridge to its thriving cultural scene


Discover Cannock's hidden historical gems, set against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes


Doncaster's historic signifance comes from its ancient Roman roots and lush Yorkshire scenery


Contemporary art combined with architecture with a rich industrial past, a unique cultural experience


A town with a proud industrial heritage, offers a unique glimpse into the UK’s manufacturing past

Welsh Escapes - Discover the Magic of Wales

Embark on a journey to the heart of Welsh culture with our charming accommodations. Wales offers a mesmerizing blend of dramatic landscapes, historic towns, and a distinct cultural identity. From the vibrant capital city of Cardiff to the quaint village of Ynysybwl, each destination provides a unique glimpse into the soul of Wales.

Our holiday destinations in Wales, UK


Experience the dynamic blend of historic architecture and modern life in the capital city of Wales.

Mountain Ash

Nestled in the Cynon Valley, a tranquil Welsh escape amidst lush landscapes and traditional charm


Here Welsh traditions thrive in a serene village setting, offering an authentic taste of rural Wales

Gateways to London - Holiday rentals near London

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our affordable self-catering accommodations located on the outskirts of London. These serene, budget-friendly retreats offer easy access to the capital’s myriad attractions without the city-center price tag. Ideal for those looking to explore London’s landmarks and hidden gems, our properties provide a peaceful, cost-effective base for your UK holiday.

Our Cheap Self-Catering Holiday Spots near London UK


Experience the famous Wembley Stadium nearby and reach the heart of the capital in no time


Hatfield offers a budget-friendly alternative within easy reach of London (aprox. 30 minutes)

Hidden Gems - Uncover the UK's Best-Kept Secrets

Discover the unique appeal of the UK’s hidden gems with K Suites. These less-visited destinations offer an authentic experience away from the usual tourist paths. From the coastal tranquility of Westcliff-On-Sea to the historical intrigue of Bridgwater, each location is a treasure waiting to be explored, perfect for travelers seeking a more intimate and undiscovered side of the UK.

Our Hidden Gem holiday destinations in the UK


Its rich history and scenic canal, offers a peaceful retreat steeped in English heritage and charm


A classic British seaside experience with a touch of modernity, perfect for family fun and leisurely strolls


Where history unfolds around every corner, from its magnificent cathedral to its ancient monuments


Somerset's tranquil heart, blending medieval history with a lush, green countryside

Your Perfect Self-Catering Holiday with K Suites

At K Suites, we are dedicated to helping you find the best self-catering holiday rental at the best price. Our carefully curated selection of properties across the UK ensures that you have access to comfortable, high-quality accommodations that cater to a range of preferences and budgets. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, K Suites has something for everyone. Browse our selection of properties and start planning your perfect, cost-effective self-catering holiday in the UK today. With K Suites, unforgettable experiences await at every turn – all within your budget.

Why K Suites?

01. Diverse Destinations

From the bustling streets of Birmingham to the peaceful countryside of Somerset and the serene beaches of Cleethorpes, our diverse portfolio covers some of the UK’s most charming and lesser-known locales.

02. Value for Money

We specialize in offering cheap self-catering holidays in the UK without compromising on quality or comfort. Our properties provide all the amenities you need for a memorable stay.

03. Personalized Experience

Our team at K Suites is committed to ensuring that your holiday experience is as unique and personalized as possible. We’re here to assist you in finding the ideal rental that suits your specific holiday needs.